So, what's this then?

It's an interactive ambient sound and music generator, based on a piece of music I've written that uses the rhythms of the navigation lights as seen from Bréhon Tower.

Each circle here represents a real-world illuminated navigation light. Touching a circle activates its sound. Brehon Tower is in the middle, if you trigger this sound its pulse loops forever or until you click or tap to turn it off again. The beacons closest to Bréhon - Petit Creux, Alligande, Vermerette and Epec – are also outlined in black and also loop until they are clicked or tapped off again. 

In the full piece of music I've written based on these lights, Brehon Tower's two-second on and two-second off pulse runs most of the way through. Here though, you can use it how you want. I'm not going to tell you what to do and I'll never know or hear anyway.

This is the (Very) Beta version 1.1. 
It may or may not work on phones and tablets, let me know how you get on.
Some browsers will detect the sound as autoplaying and mute it. Depending on your personal settings you may have to allow this website to play audio.

Click anywhere in this text box to start.
Brehon Tower (Iso W 4s)
White - 2secs on, 2secs off
Petit Creux (Q R)
Red Quick
Alligande FL(3)G5s
3 Green Flashes every 5 secs
Vermerette Fl(2)Y5s
2 Yellow Flashes every 5sevs